Rounded island Metal Jewelry display case with led light MT-18 Cabinet

MT-18 Luxury Jewellery Display Showcase

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The MT-18 is a nice rounded island, Tempered glass, Led lights.

MT-18 Luxury Jewellery Display Showcase is very special design showcase, we designed the showcase to stay in the central of the jewellery store to match other pillar, the round metal legs to make the showcase look elegant and the top with all led strips.Standard Features
  •  Size:W1400mm×D1400mm×H2200mm
  • Tempered extra-clear glass.
  •  Base_4 Glass doors sliding-out with draw
  • Top_ Glass swing door
  • Metal frame and metal kick plate
  • 1pc 24W led downlight, 4pcs 5W led downlights.  4pcs curve led strips


  1. Veneer or 2PAC, color and finish
  2. Metal color and finish
  3. Lighting CCT: 3500K, 4500K or 6000K
  4. Mechanical lock or smart lock ( remote control or ic card)