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MT-30 Shopfront Window Showcase

MT-30 Shopfront Window Showcase


MT-30  is a high grade LED display tower case, which is made by brushed stainless steel electroplating rose gold for frame and tempered ultra-white glass for display showcase.  On top of the tower glass showcase, there’re heat emission holes to prevent overheating due to the LED lights underneath. The lights are combined with 3pcs of LED downlights and 2pcs of LED bars, which allows the jewelry looks shine with dazzling brilliance. On the front of the display tower case, customer could choose whether to etching the logo according to their wishes. Besides, on the back side, customer could open or lock the tower glass showcase by the glass swing door, and turn on or off the LED lights by the switch underneath. Furthermore, at the bottom of one of the stainless steel legs, there’s a power cable hidden inside, which could make the whole appearance looks  more concise.

  • Product Size     1000mm(39.4″)W×550mm(21.7″)D×1860mm(73.2″)H
  • Display Space  940mm (37″)W×490mm(19.3″)D×590mm(23.2″)H
  • Material  MDF or Plywood & Veneer,  Glass, Stainless Steel
  • Wood Finish    Gloss or Matte
  • Metal Finish   Polished or Brushed, Electroplate, Anti-fingerprint.
  • Lock   RFID Lock or Cam Lock
  • Types of Glass  Tempered Ultra-White ( Low Iron)
  • Glass Thickness  8mm (0.31″)
  • Placement Type  Floor Standing
  • Cupboard Door Swing Door
  • Drawer Type  None
  • Lights  3pcs 24W LED Downlights, 2pcs 12W LED Bars, Total 9600lm/pc.
  • Lighting CCT   3500K, 5000K, 6000K (optional)
  • Wattage  100W
  • Input Voltage  100~264Vac (Applicable worldwide)
  • Custom Made  Available
  • Customized Part   Material, color, finish, lights, etc.
  • Production Time 45days
  • This is a set of open designs including MT-30 LED display tower case, and other items in the same series. Customers could combine with different measurement or quantity of these items together according to their demand. The tower glass showcase with lock includes lighted LED bars which allows retailers to show their products more attractive.


    The front and back view of the display tower case. On front the metal plaque coud be printed logo on. On back there is a double swing door in tempered extra clear glass, with cam lock. Inside it’s a large display space for displaying jewelry, accessories, antique, or etc.

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