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NH002 Jewelry Necklace Display Busts, Pendant Holder Neck, PU Leather

NH002 Jewelry Necklace Display Busts, Pendant Holder Neck, PU Leather

The necklace display busts are perfect to professionally display the jewelry. As they work well with a wide variety of jewelry styles and colors. They protect the jewelry from any kind of damage or abrasion since it is soft to touch. They also help the jewelry stand out against the sleek backdrop. The sturdy base of the jewelry display holders allow for secure holding.

They are ideal for displaying various type of necklace, choker and pendant with chain. The classic design makes them great for displaying jewelry of different shapes and size. The hooks on the back will help to adjust the length of necklace and chains.

The jewelry display holders are not only great for personal use at home. But also suited for glass counter tops in stores or trad shows. They provide great contrast and better context for the jewelry. The surface of the necklace display busts help customer see the it clearly in contrast against bright color of jewelry. They are perfect for highlighting all kinds of necklace or pendant.

The jewelry display holders are straight and delicate, that allows the jewelry to be show piece. Jewelry will be very eye-catching in the display window due to the jewelry display holders. They help to bring out the beautiful colors of the jewelry, as well as give a more realistic look at what jewelry might look like displayed on a person.

The necklace display busts are the best choice for showcasing beautiful jewelry pieces!



  • Product Size  Big Item – 200mm(7.9“)Wx90mm(3.5”)D*250mm(9.8”)H

                                  Small Item -170mm(6.7“)Wx90mm(3.5”)D*200mm(7.9”)H

  • Material  PU Leather
  • Color  Ecru
  • Application  Necklace, Pendant
  • Feature  Portable, Sturdy, Light Weight
  • Custom Made  Available
  • Customized Part  Material, Color, Measurement.
  • Production Time  30 days
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