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TR0004 Jewelry Display Tray Magnetic Inserts, PU Leather

TR0004 Jewelry Display Tray Magnetic Inserts, PU Leather

Jewelry Display Tray and Inserts

This jewelry display tray and inserts are made of high quality PU Leather. They’re soft to touch, so that to protect the jewelry and accessories from any kind of damage or abrasion while collecting. The ecru color make the jewelry looks elegant.

The base tray embedded with magnetic provide individual space for jewelry inserts. As well as they offer a place for organizing necklace and pendant very conveniently. Customer could combine them together in different ways accordingly., since they’re very easy to move with magnetic. The divided inserts of tray will accommodate a standard jewelry collection. They help customer find right jewelry much easier.

Besides, this set of tray and inserts are perfect for a jewelry countertop display in stores or trade shows. In other words, the jewelry could be safely stacked together to provide additional storage space to meet the growing collection. In addition, the jewelry tray display is easily stack for clean look. It hold all the jewelry and conveniently stack or separate.

Furthermore, we make sure every insert is aligned and the material stretched so that there are no bumps. In this way, each of the jewelry display tray and inserts are designed to fit on top of another. So the jewelry will not touch and damage each other.


  • Product Size
  • Whole Set – 920mm(36.2“)W*395mm(15.6”)D*67mm(2.6”)H
  • Single Set – 230mm(9.1“)W*395mm(15.6”)D*67mm(2.6”)H
  • Base – 230mm(9.1“)W*395mm(15.6”)D*30mm(1.2”)H
  • Insert A – 44mm(1.7“)W*46mm(1.8”)D*37mm(1.5”)H
  • Insert B – 70mm(2.8“)W*61mm(2.4”)D*37mm(1.5”)H
  • Insert C – 70mm(2.8“)W*61mm(2.4”)D*37mm(1.5”)H
  • Material  PU Leather
  • Color  Ecru
  • Application Necklace, Pendant
  • Feature  Magnetic, Portable, Changeable
  • Custom Made  Available
  • Customized Part  Material, Color, Measurement.
  • Production Time  30 days
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