Metal Jewelry Display Case with Led Light MT-08 Cabinet

MT-08 Jewellery Display Case -Metal -LED-Glass

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The MT-08 is a fashion display case, it looks like legs. Usually we place it against the wall. concealed led strips around corner under glass. it's inner core can be jewelry display pad or watch display pad.

Standard Features

  •  Size:W450mm×D450mm×H1500mm
  • Tempered extra-clear glass.
  • Front flap-up glass door
  • Metal frame and metal legs
  • 4pcs 6W concealed led strips


  1. Veneer or 2PAC, color and finish
  2. Metal color and finish
  3. Lighting CCT: 3500K, 4500K or 6000K
  4. Mechanical lock or smart lock ( remote control or ic card)