Different style jewellery pouch

Tutu display designed and make different jewellery pouches ,we have different colour thick or thin soft fabric to choose.

jewellery pouces fabric

for urgent order we have the standard jewellery pouches without logo in stock ,most of them size at 8cm by 8cm, we welcome to custom made new size ,new colour ,new style jewellery pouches.

jewellery pouch

For the logo we can do stamp logo ,silkscreen logo, metal logo we will choose the different logo style as the materials ,logo.

jewellery pouch

We have hundreds colour to choose.

jewellery pouch bag


jewellery box and jewellery pouch

We make the paper box with logo just match the jewellery pooch together .

jewellery pouch with ribbon

jewellery pouch the jewellery pouch are small and light weight ,for small quantity we will send by fedex or just wait for our warehouse container so we can ship all together to save shipping fee.